Android Tears (2014)

Android Tears (2014)

produced by idiosynCrazy productions

Created, performed, written and designed by Jumatatu Poe

Additional costume design and implementation by Katie Coble

Music by James Cleveland & The Angelic Choir, and Frédéric Chopin



Signifying and subversion come up a lot in my work and my life.  I am interest’d in how they connect – these strategizing tools, these rhythms of relating, these disruptors, these renderers of confusion……….  What is the operation of subversion in my own artistic… practice? (?)  Can I disrupt m’self into greater c’tr’l?  Can I be confused?  Like, is that okay?

I am working on being mind-blowing, but ‘m not sure it’s hap’n’n’…


do you wanna get to know the real me?



Nah, but really, I just wan’ be yours. This for you.



Thank you to AUX Performance Space (under Jamillah James’ curation) for a creative residency to develop the work.  Finally, thank you to Shannon Murphy, JE Kim, Massimiliano Balduzzi, and Sophia Rodriguez for feedback on the work.